Ús is a project that rescues the usability potential of urban spaces which have lost their social function on account of developmental changes. Art is a natural dynamizer of public space and has the potential of giving life and dignity to empty spaces.

Art, social innovation, creativity and experimentation create transforming synergies that add not only practical usage value, but also symbolic and emotional. Through the implementation of these new uses, new links between the physical space that is the city and its  living and breathing inhabitants are created.

The event’s philosophy has to do with a very common human action: usage. It is our prerogative to decide how we use things, materials and spaces. In an effort to encourage engagement with all the artistic possibilities the city has to offer, Ús lays out all the necessary elements to turn a traditionally passive audience into active participants of the city’s cultural and artistic scene.

All the activities in the event are designed to bring urban art closer to people, therefore employing its full transformative potential. At the same time, artists and audience will be brought to a common ground, an opportunity for direct experience and enriching exchange.