We were born from a different womb and our paths didn’t cross until the epigraph of adolescence, when interest for the world started to show, from an esceptic point of view and with nausea at the base of each and any of our musings. These trimmings to our thoughts now lead to the idea that change is possible. The problem, we think, is that few believe so, perhaps due to lack of alternatives, perhaps owing to the gentle warmth of the proverbial perpetual finger up the nose.

We both have been raised in the art world’s peripheria and we only stop by the core of it to enjoy ourselves, always on the lookout for new aesthetical formats and ways of transmitting. We much prefer looking at conceptual brawls from a guarded distance. That said, when we take action and put our work forward, we try to take a plunge and hit the rawest nerve to transmit a concept in which we firmly believe, one meant to unease those who take the hint.







rope_octaviserra_mateu_paugarcia_danielllugany55    IMG_9513