Circuit bending will introduce you to the universe of electronic and the most contemporary experiences. It’s an activity suited for all audiences, based on the trial-error system and DIY method.

During this workshop, we will electronically modify audio signals for our musical keyboard or sound gadget by interfering with its circuits and modulating some of the fixed parameters to our liking. We will listen to and select textures and sounds that we never knew our keyboard could create and generate a whole new instrument adapted to our own sensibility and taste.


About the author:

Born in the Canary Islands and established in Barcelona, Raúl González is a self-taught multidisciplinary expert with a PhD in DIY. His artistic curiosity has made him sample and learn from several disciplines, of which circuit bending and sonic circuit manufacturing are lately his favorites.

He is famous for a long and interesting musical trajectory playing in edgy acid bands such as “El Capitán Esmegma y sus Poluciones Nocturnas” or “Dedóndevienenlasmonjassinopuedentenerhijos?”. Later, when he divided his time between Berlin and Barcelona, he becomes part of the band “Krater”, an instrumental project that introduces him to sound designer and the treatment of landscape and texture sounds. With them, he plays in events such as Macc (Auditorio de Tenerife), Canarias Mediafest (Gran Canaria), CNB (Barcelona), Festival “dis-play”(Gran Canaria), Quartz Music Awards (Cirque de Ivern de Paris), Festival Electromecánica (San Petersburgo), Festival de Mayo (Teatro Degollado de Guadalajara, Mèxic), Festival “dis-play”(Instituto Cervantes,Berlín), Festival Electrovisiones (México D.F), SMART Project Space (Àmsterdam)…