CODA (Computational Design Affairs) is the computational design and lightweight structures team of LiTA (Laboratori of IInnovation and Technology in Architecture)  a research group at BarcelonaTech ( UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). Its research is focused on the creation and optimization of lightweight structures systems. Its aim is the methodological integration in design of the ecological footprint minimization through technology efficiency yet ensuring universal solutions. His recent research focuses on the instrumentalization of elastic deformation, mainly in timber structures.

Coda participates in ÚS Barcelona building an experimental structure. TorUs is a deployable structure that base its innovation in the fact of not having hinges, but enabling transformability by means of elastic deformation of the material. The team is inviting to participate to timber and dry construction enthousiasts.

The structure will stay during the festival holding several uses and will furthermore come back (folded) to Valles valley, where new adventures are waiting for him, hosting events and vegetables in Mirasol town. Torus pavillion will be transformed into a lineal greenhouse for the Mirasol community

coda1 coda2