Florian Rivière is a French urban hacker. Since 2007, he has explored urban experimentations through different initiatives in cities around the world. By his experiences, he opens perceptions and connects spaces, objects, and actions to create new interactions with his urban living environment.

His many impromptu interventions have the particularity to be spontaneous, fun, resilient, reversible and raw — exclusively made by accessible resources that surround him. As a lifestyle philosophy, he uses his 3D motto Drift, Divert, DIY that allows him to meet the unexpected, see the invisible, and achieve autonomy.

Much like a child free of “one way” conditioning vision, he looks the world as modeling clay we can transform by our hands and our intuition without any specialized tools, concepts or other intermediaries. Play, furnishings, maps, instructions, poetry … all of these tactics can reconnect us to the free and infinite possibilities of our immediate reality.




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