This date with urban art will take place at the empty plot left by the recent relocation to a nearby modern facility of Barcelona’s best known flea market: Encants Vells. The market, with a history dating back to mid XVth Century, has worked as social meeting point, interchange economy engine and symbol of its citizens entrepreneurial drive.  The emblematic site of Encants Vells, loved alike by Barcelona natives and visitors in the know, is now included in the district’s remodeling plan and facing a few years stretch as debris containment space. Before this transition takes place, ÚsFestival will give a spin to the citizenship’s relationship to the space.
The market’s dynamic, to trade with used objects, is an example of how concepts like reutilization and even recycling have been present in the city’s DNA for years. These principles, that have saved tons of goods from expending most of their useful lives as garbage in a pile, inspire and guide Ús to apply the ideals of reuse and repurposing. In this case, an urban plot condemned to debris containment will turn into a space for art and creation.



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