Vostok Printing Shop is a space in Barcelona’s La Ribera district that was born with the goal of any and everybody in the need of reproducing their work by means of lithography, silk printing, linoleum or contemporary printing systems.

Vostok transports its legendary “Vermuts Vostoc” to the formerEncants Vells and Ús Barcelona to provide the definitive master class: a different and unique chance to meet the illustrious and inspiredVostok Team:

During the session “ACCESSIBLE SYSTEMS FOR SERIALIZING IMAGE”,Vostok will be talking about printing systems that don’t require great infrastructure or expensive material. “We like nothing better than to bring the world of engraving and editing within everyone’s reach.”

“We will share with you all we know about chemical free silk printing. You will find out how to print with paper cut-outs. We will introduce you to the Seri Stencil, the most economical and pro image serializing system in existence.”

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet this amazing team and learn all about DIY printing!