SpY is an artist from Madrid whose first urban performances began in the mid-eighties. A little later, established as the leading figure in the graffiti scene, he began to explore other forms of artistic communication in the street. His work consists of taking over urban elements by means of transformation or replica, the commentary on urban reality and the interference in his communicative codes.

The bulk of his production stems from the observation of the city and an appreciation of its components not as inert elements, but as a palette of materials overflowing with possibilities. The will of the game, the careful attention to the context of each piece and a constructive, not invasive attitude unmistakably characterize his performances.

SpY’s pieces want to be a parenthesis in the automated inertia of the urbanite. They are pinches of intention that are hidden in a corner for those who want to let themselves be surprised. Filled with equal parts of irony and positive humor, they appear to make the passer-by smile, incite reflexion, and to favor an enlightened conscience.


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