Photographer, he will be presenting his project “Only One”: “An artistic project bridging over documentary and fashion photography that muses about the relationship between the individual being and our behaviour as social beings, particularly through the way we dress. Clothes stopped being a mere element of protection long ago. Cothes have been and are an important part of our culture and, much like it, they have evolved and changed. One of the characteristics of nowaday clothes and fashion industry is to enable us to communicate and express ourselves (or firmly believe we are doing so).

Clothes are one of the things that we use to communicate with our environment. What happens when we can only hold on to one of those garments? That’s the starting point for ONLY ONE. Which one do we choose? Why? How does this change our relationship with clothing? The only premise is this one: only one piece of clothing.”

He will be operating out of a studio in the Workshop tent from 3pm onwards, all of those wishing to participate in the project are welcome to stop by. In case of not being able to make it, Cassinoni will be welcoming participants at MITTE gallery on February.

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